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March 16th
Washington School
6:30pm Brown's Funeral Home vs Sleepy Hollow Restaurant
7:30pm RG Stars v Zen Den

Epiphany Relationship over Plfd Strong
RG Stars over Eli's Energy
Elaine Elites over Brown's Funeral Home
Zen Den over Sleepy Hollow
RG Stars over Epiphany
Zen Den over Elaine Elites
Sleepy Hollow over Brown's Funeral Home
Eli's Energy over Plainfield Strong

Zen Den over RG Stars 22-15
Eli's Energy over Elaine Elites 
Brown's Funeral Home over Plfd Strong
Sleepy Hollow over Epiphany Relations

RG Stars over Elaine's Elite 28-25
Zen Den over Brown's Funeral Home 13-8
Plainfield Strong over Sleepy Hollow 13-4
Eli's Energy over Epiphany Relationship 26-4

Zen Den over Plfd Strong 22-6
Eli Energy over Sleepy Hollow 22-8
Elaine Elites over Epiphany Relationship n Counseling 15-11
RG Stars over Brown's Funeral Home 26-14

2 over 1 20-8
5 over 6 17-8
8 over 7 20-8
4 over 3 22-8


Darnell Fitz Divison Coordinator
Coach Terence

Please check with your coach for practice times and locations.  We do not post the practice schedule because the coach may cancel without notifying us.