Thurs, March 17th Washington

Sliver Championship 6:30pm
Jukes's Tigers vs Stone Square Lodge

Gold Championship 7:30pm
Different Breed vs Team Big Cat


Silver division
* Stone Square lodge is the #1 seed due to the head to head win over the Tigers,  Lodge's other loss came against a gold division team.

6-1 Juke's St Paul Jr. Tigers (Jones)
5-2 Stone Square Lodge #38 
4-3 Organization for Recovery(Mccoy)
2-5 James Abney Ballers  (Hunt)
0-7 RuffRyders MC  
( Cherry)

Gold division
6-0 Different Breed Training (Steph)
5-2 Team Big Cat (Parker) 
2-5 Team MURR (MccLary)
0-5 Team Kaution

Big Cat over Kaution  (19-4)
Stone Square Lodge over Ruff Ryders (19-6)
Juke's Jr. Tigers over Abney Ballers 15-11
Stone Square over Org for Recovery 15-8
Breed over Big Cat 20-16
Murr over Kaution (forfeit)
Different Breed over Murr 22-8
Stone Square over Ruff Ryders 15-4
Organization for Recovery over Abney Ballers 23-11
Juke's Tigers over Abney Ballers 15-10
Big Cat over Murr 15-10
Different Breed over Kaution 16-6
Jukes St Paul Tigers over RuffRyders 22-9
Stone Square over Abney Ballers 26-9
Organization 4 Rec over Stone Lodge 13-10
Big Cat over Kaution 22-10

Murr over Stone Square Lodge 18-13
Different Breed over Murr 26-10
Juke's Jr. Tigers over Organization for Recovery 16-14
Abney Ballers over RuffRyders 32-2
Team Big Cat over Team MURR 23-21
Different Breed over Team Kaution 26-6
St. Paul over RuffRyders 25-11
Organization over Abney 24-21
Team Big Cat over Murr 23-10
Different Breed over Big Cat 25-11

Buggy Ball
(Lenny Cathcart) Division Coordinator
Coach Hewy

Please check with your coach for practice times and locations.  We do not post the practice schedule because the coach may cancel without notifying us.